Quick Summary of M9E Community

I think the Master 9 Eyes is one of the best communities in the NFT space. I’ve been a community member for about a month; since joining, they’ve given so much back to the community. There have been Comic contests, giveaways of other NFTs, ongoing questing for rewards that any community member can be a part of and so much more.

I’ve never been in such an awesome community, that gives back so much to it’s members. They’ve done more for me in a month that any of my other communities have since i’ve joined them. Some would consider Master 9 Eyes a small project, but bigger projects don’t give back nearly as much as M9E. I’m just excited to see what else they have in store for us.

They have purchased land in the metaverse with plans of maybe a play to earn game or other activities. Let’s just say, the future looks bright for Master 9 eyes. Not financial advice, but you should really do your own research and check this project out! I can’t wait to see what’s in store later on as the NFT space evolves. I plan to pick up a few new more M9E NFTs and physical toys as time goes by, I have to save up as I have a lot of IRL commitments to attend to first. The good thing about this project thought, it’s for long term collectors; there’s no rush.