Questing in the M9E Community

Questing for prizes, that’s one of the activities you can engage in if you’re part of the Master 9 Eyes community. Every day they’re quests that you can do to move up the leaderboard; where at the end, you can win prizes for your time spent gathering points from a quest. Each quest is worth a certain amount of points when you turn it in.

Some of my favorite quests are the M9E Photoshop quest, the meme quest, and my least favorite has to be the writing lore quest. I’m not that good of a writer, so to me that quest is hard. Some of the prizes for questing are NFTs, physical M9Es, and amounts of Ethereum cryptocurrency, which you can spend on whatever you want.

the prizes are split up into sections; 1-3rd place, 4-10th place, 11-20th place, and prizes are allocated to these placements. There are also a couple of days where we’re doing a quest raid; meaning you can with an NFT if you’re the highest on the leaderboard for a couple of days of doing quests. This is difficult to win because some people manage to do more quests than me. I’m having fun though, isn’t that the point!