Master 9 Eyes and the Metaverse

I can’t tell you how excited I am for the future of the Master 9 Eyes project. They are going to be creating a metaverse on their NFTWorlds land. They bought the land especially for play to earn initiatives where you can accrue $WRLD, we don’t know as yet what you can do with that currency but we bet it’s something cool.

I can just picture all of us M9E members in the metaverse playing games and hanging out in our clubhouse, this is even more exciting for me as I’ll be live streaming all of this to help build the community bigger than what we have now.

Right now the M9E community is busy making lore, I’m hoping we can get enough lore so the community can start building on our land in the metaverse, perhaps we’ll build a dojo or clubhouse but whatever we build; we are early to the space, as not much NFT communities have purchased their land in the metaverse. We’re just waiting for the announcement on what are the next steps for utilizing the land. We can only hope it will come soon and it will be as exciting as I’m hoping.

The Master 9 Eyes community is going into the metaverse soon, that’s all we can say so now is a good time to join the community.