Master 9 Eyes

I wanted to tell you guys about Master 9 Eyes today, it’s an NFT project that I just bought into. This isn’t financial advice just my thoughts on the state of the project as it is now.

I just started my collection, it’s 9 collections of 999 NFTs over 9 years. the best part is; that it’s for long-term collectors, they are only minting collection 2 now. Their roadmap is for long-term collectors and even includes land in the metaverse for use by the community shortly.

We don’t know what the project will involve when it goes into the metaverse as yet, but we’re excited to see as some of the funds have been used to buy land in a popular metaverse. We can only hope it’s for gamification or play-to-earn initiatives.

Another cool aspect of the project is the questing, community members in Discord can complete activities for points and earn rewards after the phase of questing is completed. Some of the prizes are ETH, NFTs, white-list spots, and figurines.

I just wanted to come here and let you know what I’ve been up to in the NFT space. I’ve found cool projects that reward people for collecting and have big plans for the metaverse.