One Simple Trick Will Get You Millions In #NoMansSky

If you’ve been following my writing the past few days, you’ll know that I’ve gotten lost deep down the rabbit hole of No Man’s Sky’s new Foundation Update, which has brought freighters, base-building and farming to the beleaguered game, among other changes.

I remarked yesterday that I had “beaten” the update, doing pretty much everything there was to do, from chasing down quests for rare minerals to buying the coolest freighter I could find. But now? There’s only one thing left to do:

Get filthy rich and wait for something cool to buy in the next update. And I’ve found a shortcut to do just that.

There have been many moneymaking schemes in No Man’s Sky since its debut, but as I’m still hearing people complain about how they don’t have the millions to buy one of the awesome new freighters after this update, I wanted to share my rather absurd way to make money in the game that’s only possible thanks to the new base/farming system. It’s beyond broken, better than when I was selling cheap Bypass Chips for easy cash, but given that this is No Man’s Sky, even something this broken will probably be left alone for a while, as patches are scarce and discussion of things like economy balance are non-existent when it comes to the Hello Games team.

It’s a pretty simple process, though it may take you a while to get to the point where the system is at its maximum efficiency. In short, you grow a material via farming, you harvest it, you convert it into a construction item that sells for a high price, and you can make millions upon millions per hour. Here are the steps:

1. The mineral is called “Mordite” and it’s found from animal corpses when you kill them with either your mining laser or blaster. Fortunately, for those inclined not to massacre alien fauna, you can also grow it in “Carrion Root” a plantable flower you will unlock relatively early once you start the farming quest tree.

2. Mordite is a terrible mineral by itself. It only sells for 13.8 units each, which is garbage compared to the 300+ of Gold and Emeril. However, one of the last blueprints you unlock in the base-building questlines is for “Lubricant” (hold your jokes) which is only used to make a couple of things in the game like landing pads and some other tech. It costs 40 Mordite to make 1 Lubricant. Lubricant sells on the open market for 39,000 units. In case you want to skip the math, that’s ~560 units worth of Mordite that transforms into 39,000 units with the single press of a button.

It's not what it looks like (Photo: Paul Tassi/Hello Games)

It’s not what it looks like (Photo: Paul Tassi/Hello Games)

3. Almost nothing else in the game even comes close to this level of profit. You can farm Sac Venom and Gravino Balls which are meant to be sold at market, but you will get far, far less from doing so. “Acid” is another item that costs only 40 Temerium, a mineral you can farm that only grows on toxic planets, and it sells for 39,000 as well, but a Mordite farm is much easier to get up and running, and the six minute respawn time for the plants is the fastest I’ve seen in the game.

4. So, you plant as much Mordite-producing Carrion Root as you can. I have 40 plants, but I could probably double or triple that if I was going for pure farming efficiency over styling my base to look cool (you run into a max item limit on bases). But even 40 plants is hard to keep up with give how frequently the Mordite spawns. With each plant producing 20-25 Mordite, I am getting almost 1,000 Mordite every six minutes. That’s 25 Lubricants sold for a total of 975,000 units/credits. If I’m being time efficient, crafting Lubcricant during the countdown timer and selling it at an in-base sales commerce terminal (hard to craft, but worth it), that’s close to 10 million units an hour. That’s absolutely insane, and probably not even as much as I could be getting if I had more plants.

I went from space jalopy to Star Destroyer. Thanks Mordite! (Photo: Paul Tassi/Hello Games)

I went from space jalopy to Star Destroyer. Thanks Mordite! (Photo: Paul Tassi/Hello Games)

It feels like someone at Hello Games really didn’t do the math here. There are other things you can farm that are profitable, but almost none to this ludicrous degree. It does take a lot of work to get all the way to having access to Lubricant and having a sales portal in your base, but once you get there? You will literally be drowning in cash if you follow these steps. Even if you don’t get all the way to in-base sales, you can stack your ship full of the sellables, teleport to any space station from your base, and sell them that way. It adds another minute or two to the process, but it’s still absurdly profitable.

I don’t know if Hello Games will just let this stand, but it’s not an exploit, it’s just head-scratching math on their end. If you’re looking to get back into No Man’s Sky and don’t really know what to work toward or how to earn money for cool ships, well then, this is the method for you.

Obviously it’s more fun to actually run around and play the game but in terms of pure time efficiency, this is 4,000% better than mining Emeril or pawning Gek charms. It took me three solid days of play to figure it out, and now I pass that knowledge on to you, fellow greedy travelers. Do with it what you will.

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