#H1Z1 Producer’s Update for June 3rd, 2016

Howdy All! @ShockDev here with a quick update.

As usual, thanks for reading my updates. I really enjoy all the discussion and feedback.

My apologies for this update being a tad behind. Last Friday, we managed to adjust Zombie vs Wildlife vs Player density to what I believe is a reasonable balance. We’ve also made some adjustments to zombie melee behavior. Though we still have a ways to go with Melee, were hoping the small adjustments made will tide you over as we’re developing a better solution. Melee is being actively worked on.

What’s in the works?

Here is what we have planned for the next update. This is all dependent though on how quickly we get the Test Server updated and stable. At this point it looks like we will be pushing all this to the Test Server early next week.  Quality publishes are priority over release dates. Things can and will change.

Player Respawn selection:

You’ve probably noticed as of the last update, spawn locations have been moved within range of a POI.  When I first mentioned this feature, the design included the ability to pick a POI via the map. You would then respawn somewhere within that POI. We have decided since to not make it POI based. Instead, you will select a grid square upon respawn. You will then spawn randomly within that square.

Note: Newly created characters cannot choose a spawn location for initial login. You’ll start with a random POI drop (as it currently functions). This isn’t by design but more of a technical hurdle based on how character creates works. We’ll address this small inconvenience at a later date.

Vehicle anti hoarding measures:

In an effort to combat vehicle hoarding and to give more players an opportunity to obtain a vehicle we’ve made the following changes.  The changes are intended to make vehicles a little more transitional so that you can find one, use it up, and then more easily find another one.

·         Vehicles now decay their condition slowly over time.  They will fully decay in a little over two days.

·         Wrenches spawn in the world but are much rarer.  They will always spawn with full durability.

·         Wrenches will lose 100 durability per swing on a vehicle.  Wrenches have 2500, so when repairing a vehicle they can only hit 25 times.  Each hit will repair 2% of the vehicle’s maximum condition.

·         Wrenches can no longer be crafted.

·         25% more vehicles concurrently spawn in the world.

·         Vehicles now spawn procedurally in random locations around major points of interest.


That’s our first pass at the solution.  We will now observe and make adjustments as necessary.

Nomad Server (No build + More Zombies):

Many of you have been asking where this feature is. We’re getting close. Current plan is to get it out to the Test Server next week.  Hang in there.

Bullet Conversion:

-We’re removing bullet conversion from the game. We want the guns and their specific ammo to be a more rewarding experience due to their rarity.


We’ll keep you all posted on publish status as we get into next week.


See you in game!

Steve George

Via [www.h1z1.com]