#H1Z1 JS Game Update + Server Wipe 5/27

Servers will be coming offline tomorrow at 3AM Pacific (5/27) for approximately 2 hours

Patch Notes:

  • Full server and world wipe (we prefer to give more notice but this came in hot)
  • Reduced the ratio of bears and wolf spawns
  • Reduced the ratio of predator and prey spawns
  • Added a delay for damage on zombie attacks to match animation
  • Improved the zombie screamer grenade to attract zombies more effectively
  • Walkers and runners now have varied attack speeds
  • Walkers attack slower and do more damage per hit
  • Runners attack faster and do less damager per hit
  • Combat knife headshots should work again
  • Set Comfort to start at 100%
  • Forced scope is temporarily disabled while we made adjustments
  • Containers inside a secure structure do not show up for someone if they no clip into the base. They will reappear once the door is opened.
  • New characters and /respawn will now place you relatively near a POI

EDIT: All PVE servers are now becoming Limited Base Building servers.

Via [www.reddit.com]