Upcoming #H1Z1 KotK Fixes

Hello everyone, I want to apologize for the issues that popped up Saturday morning. It was a bit of a perfect storm where we had a number of issues all pop up at the same time that we just couldn’t catch outside of that update. It was unbelievably frustrating to work so hard on an update and then get surprised like that. I know it is frustrating for you when you are waiting to play and then there are problems that make it harder to do that.

We are focusing on some immediate fixes through the early part of the week that I just wanted to get in front of all of you.

Fixed on our side, will push up as soon as we can verify:
– Fix to the increase in G9 errors
– At the start of Ignition, you may fall to your death
– After playing Ignition, safe zones and helicopters may appear in BR

Currently in progress, will fix and push up as soon as we can:
– Voice chat is enabled on the loading screen going into a match
– Helicopters can be missing above a safe zone in Ignition
– When inside a building, a gunshot fired outside can sound too loud and near to your position

We are investigating these to find the problem and get fixed:
– Performance (framerate) drops from this last patch. Performance is always tricky, and usually takes a little more time to test and fix.
– The sound when the interaction fails may go away, listening to your feedback on that one while we discuss internally.
– Exiting a vehicle can result in a delay in being able to fire your weapon.

Not looking to fix immediately:
– Gun sounds. We are happy with the new sounds, and believe they do a better job of differentiating the guns. Let’s go with them for a bit and then evaluate if it is the change altogether, or the actual sounds themselves.
– I know there are other issues being collected, in a lot of cases those fit into future work that is already planned or is a previously identified bug that we are tracking. Really looked to pull out the ones above as to get fixed as quickly as possible.

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