#H1Z1 Game Update May 21st

All King of the Kill servers will be coming down tomorrow (5/20) at 3:00AM Pacific for approximately 4 hours.

Patch notes:

Ignition is now live!  It’s pretty intense, so we’ve turned on the skirmish servers for when you need a break from the action.

New Game Mode: Ignition

Ignition is a high-intensity, frenzied game mode where the clock is always ticking. Players are outfitted with an explosive device that’s set to blow unless they gear up fast, jump on their ATV, and gun it to the safe zone. Every second matters in this turbo-charged battle to the death as players race from safe zone to safe zone before their time runs out.

New Ignition Features:

  • Players are lowered into battle from a Helicopter on an ATV
  • Helicopters will hover over safe zones and mark them with green lights
  • Safe zones are locked for 30 seconds at the end of each round
  • Special air-drops will be available at the end of each round, marked by purple smoke
  • ATVs have been re-tuned for better handling and have Turbo

New King of the Kill Features:

  • Updated match rewards for Battle Royale and Ignition
  • In 2-man and 5-man BR, teammates will now be outlined and seen through structures and objects
  • Signs have been added to the Box of Destiny featuring game mode information and tips
  • New loading screens have been added for Battle Royale and Ignition

Gameplay Improvements:

  • Hip-fire has been re-tuned to make firing while moving and jumping less accurate
  • It’s no longer possible to change seats in a moving vehicle
  • Shotgun shot distribution should be more consistent
  • Shotgun damage will fall off based on distance
  • Bombing runs have been re-tuned and should cause less chaos
  • Improvements to hit registration
  • Added more vehicle spawns to Cranberry
  • Kevlar is now called Body Armor


  • Incoming hit-indicator is more visible
  • Parachutes have a new animation
  • Toxic gas should be less dense/opaque
  • Molotov’s have a new explosion effect
  • New vehicle effects including tire trails and explosive effects


  • Victory music added during the celebration sequence for winners
  • Music added to the Box of Destiny
  • New vehicle audio for bottoming out and the helicopter
  • Stingers added to Ignition to indicate time remaining and new rounds
  • New rifle sounds
  • New near-miss sounds
  • New ambience sounds

Bug Fixes:

  • Added better method of ensuring all players start the game at the same time
  • Fixed issue where team auto-fill was not functioning correctly
  • Fixed issue where a loot bag could occasionally float in the air when a jumping player was killed
  • Fixed issue where buildings would occasionally not render at distance, but players inside would render and could be shot
  • Fixed issue where players would sometimes appear to clap their hands or stand awkwardly when riding in a vehicle
  • Fixed issue where players were unable to enter vehicles as a passenger from the drivers side
  • Fixed issue where the AK-47 would sometimes keep firing while reloading
  • Fixed issue where the first-person camera would occasionally shake or lad while riding as a passenger in a vehicle
  • Fixed several issues with Spectate mode including mouse-wheel functionality
  • Fixed collision issue at the roll-up garage doors at the dam
  • Fixed issue that would cause unintended brightness or darkness at lower quality settings levels
  • All skinned weapons should be repairable, and all skinned jackets should be re-skinnable
  • Mute-all functionality should now persist through log-ins


Known Issues:

Occasionally the helicopter will not spawn in causeing you to fall to your death at the start of the game or show up over a safe zone. Both of these have fixes in various stages of developement and will be rolled out as soon as they are fixed.

Via [www.h1z1.com]