#H1Z1 Producer Update for May 13th, 2016

Howdy All! @ShockDev here with a quick update.

As usual, thanks for reading my updates. I really enjoy all the discussion and feedback.


At this point, you’re starting to see our zombie development efforts come together. While we will continue to make adjustments, we’re on a solid path to what we believe will be an experience that is both challenging and fair. Based in your feedback, we understand that to many in their current state, zombies may be unfair (some people may actually like them), but we are actively mitigating. This brings us to the next topic….


Yes, zombies are difficult to engage right now from a melee perspective. We’re doing some work on making melee feel better. Our current focus in on introducing a stagger mechanic (Think, pushback(Q) but more advanced) which gives more depth to melee weapon use and selection. I’ll get you more details as we get closer to implementation.

Nomad Server (No build + More Zombies)

Ruleset servers are where we can really have some fun and we love all the ideas you guys are throwing at us. That being said, a “No build, more zombies” ruleset server is in the works and we will get it in your hands as soon as possible. We first want to implement our changes to zombies and melee before we turn on what we will call the Nomad Server. There are some really interesting ideas being presented by the JS community regarding this ruleset and we will take them into consideration once we see how live play goes and take it from there.

Vehicle Hoarding

  • Okay, we know this has been a hot topic for many of you for some time now. I’ll give you a brief outline on the direction we are heading:
  • Disposable Vehicles – In a nutshell, you find a vehicle, use it for a while, it decays and you must go find another.
  • No vehicle repair – Once it decays, it stops functioning.
  • Raise the spawn cap – We want more vehicles available to support this new direction
  • More randomness to spawn locations – They might not be located under a car port but it will give everyone a better chance at grabbing one.

We’d like to hear your feedback on this one. If you are a vehicle hoarder, maybe not so much!

Incoming fixes

  • Modified the ratio of bears and wolf spawns
  • Screamer grenade adjustments
  • Retuning zombie damage and attack speed
  • Combat knife headshots should work again

We’re also aware of the issues introduced in the last publish re: players dying on stairs and tarps, etc. We’re looking into it and will address it soon. We’ll get you a full change list after we publish to Test server.

BTW, Thanks for hanging in there with us on that last publish. We know it ended up a bit rocky but we pushed through it. Thanks for the instant feedback.

Peace Out!

Steve George

Via [www.h1z1.com]