#H1Z1 Game Update May 11th

The Just Survive servers will be coming down tomorrow (5/11) at 3:00AM Pacific (10:00 AM GMT).  

Patch Notes:

Increased total number (cap) of zombies and wildlife

Increased the maximum density of zombies and wildlife per player online

Increased how responsive zombies and wildlife are to noise

Fixed issue where skinned weapons could not be smelted in the furnace

Fixed issue where players could too easily destroy metal doors with melee weapons

Fixed issue where hit markers would sometimes not show up on zombies

The Camera will be forced into First Person when Scoped (Hunting Rifle, Crossbow)

Hip-fire has been re-tuned to make firing while moving and jumping less accurate

ATV has been re-tuned for better handling

Improvements to hit registration

Kevlar is now called Body Armor

Fixed issue where AK-47 would sometimes keep firing during reload

Fixed issue where Rifles can poke through objects and shoot players on the other side

Fixed issue where first-person camera can shake or lag when riding as a passenger in a vehicle

Mute-All functionality should persist through log-ins

Via [www.h1z1.com]