H1Z1 Test Server Update and Next Update Information

Hey Everyone,

The Test Server has just received an update with a pretty good amount of new features including changes to base building you may have read about in last week’s Producer’s Update. Now it’s your turn to jump in there and hammer on it.

  • All base objects now decay in 7 days
  • Adjusted the screamer difficulty setting from hard to normal.
  • Add more Restricted Base Building Servers
  • Governor’s Mansion is now included in the limited build rules
  • Recursive destruction is now active on bases
  • Zombies should no longer hold weapons in their hands, they should have them holstered
  • Governor’s Mansion should now show a location in the character screen when you are there
  • Punji Traps and Bar Wire should damage zombies
  • Zombies still look right and are spawning with colored hair and no more glasses

Some of the new features we introduced to base building are dependent on the amount of time they live on the server so in order to ensure those are tested properly, we are going to be pushing back the publish to the Live servers into next week. We feel it’s important to give the community enough time to experience these changes and provide valuable feedback we can use to improve the update. Pushing that update into next week was not our intent, but it will help create a smoother transition onto the Live servers.

As a reminder, the publish to the Test server and subsequently to the Live server will require a full server and player wipe. We cracked the dupe bug and a wipe will help reset the world’s economy of resources. The new speed of base decay will help the world maintain its apocalyptic atmosphere and help it feel less cluttered. With a more open world we will be able to further test the potential for higher and higher zombie population, improving their AI and making them an actual threat. We are internally working on getting the zombies to attack player made structures, another reason you’ll need to upkeep and defend your base.

Finally, for those of you who carefully watch the Test server we are going to start making incremental updates that may not always be player facing. Sometimes we need to fix an exploit, test a server performance change, or tweak some other internal system. When there is a patch with player facing changes we both want and need your feedback on we will provide notes on those.

Thanks to those of you who actively jump into the Test server and provide feedback. Please keep your reports centralized in this thread for easier accessibility.

There are a few more changes we’ll add to this thread a little later today and as always we look forward to your feedback!

Via [reddit.com]