Producer’s Update March 4th

Hi everyone, and thanks for taking the time to give this a read. I know that many of you have poured countless hours into H1Z1 and all of the developers thank you for that. We are in a phase where we are regrouping and refocusing, so your dedication is really appreciated.

This week’s update will be a little more brief than last. I have decided to split these in half and one week will just talk about Just Survive and then the next week talk about King of the Kill and continue to alternate like that each week.

Before I jump into what’s to come for Just Survive, there is one overall topic that I wanted to address first and that is in regards to trade delays on Steam. We are watching the player feedback on this topic and discussing internally. For context, we instituted trade delays to deal with significant organized fraud being attempted against the marketplace. That fraud is bad for the game, bad for the company, and bad for players. No one wins. That being said, timers for trade lockouts are adjustable, and we will make changes going forward to try and find that balance between convenience and fraud control. No updates to the timers this week, but this is something that we will use data and your feedback to determine in the next several weeks and see what we can learn there.

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at what we changed in Just Survive this last week. All of these changes are now on their way to our Test servers and will be pushed to the live servers on March 9th.

Bug Fixes

  • Silent bullets should be gone, you should hear those suckers now.
  • The popping up on a door to teleport to the roof glitch is gone. For now, to fix this we simply removed doors from the top floors of buildings. We are closing in on a proper code fix to this issue, but went ahead and removed the doors to get rid of the exploit.

Current Focus for Just Survive
For the most part, the team was very reactionary this week. We attempted to push an update that included the new zombies (Screamer, Gasser, and Exploder) and zombie AI last Friday. This update failed internally and as we started to unravel it, we determined that it would be easier to cease that effort and begin getting ready for a full update to our test servers which had not happened in some time. We are in the final stages of testing that update right now. This update will include some cool things, including the stuff that I discussed last week.

  • New zombie types as discussed previously.
  • Better zombie AI, way harder to deal with zombies now.
  • On the Cerberus and Bandit servers in the US region, these are the two servers where we are going to test the restricted base building. You will not be able to build a base near an urban area and will need to move out into the country a little bit. Both of these servers will be PvP, and you will see this functionality when we push the update up to our Live servers on March 9th.
  • Visuals are being upgraded across the board, from animations to our new map (codenamed Z2) which still has a lot to do but is looking fantastic. You can check out some of the work in progress here

Next Planned Release

Tentatively March 9, 2016

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