H1Z1 Server Wipe 11/25 + teaming in solo BR

We are going to be wiping the H1 Z1 servers clean this week on Wednesday the 25th. For those of you who have not been through a server wipe before, this means that all player built structures will be removed. Also all of the items in your inventory or stored in the world will also be gone. You will still have all of your skins and other account locked items. Your character will be erased so you will need to reclaim your name. The patch will support server stability over the holiday weekend. We’ve fixed some difficult to diagnose bugs recently that should reduce random crash conditions, thanks for your patience on that.

We recognize that teaming is a concern right now amongst the H1Z1 Battle Royal community. We are also not a fan of teaming in a mode designed for solo play, that’s why we created Team versions of Battle Royale. We’re examining what can be done in code that isn’t obtrusive during gameplay against deliberately teaming (for Solo Battle Royale and Green Dawn). We are testing a few things internally, like the restriction of only allowing one player in a vehicle for non-team game modes. Expect to see some anti-teaming measures coming from us soon.

In the meantime we’ll be reviewing cases in which we think teaming is disrupting the game, and potentially taking action against those accounts. Players may play cooperatively with up to the number of players stated for each game mode. Meaning, a 5-man team can’t play coop with another 5-man team, but if three friends sign up for a 5-man but leave the other two out to dry it is still fine. In the end, if you are caught teaming you run the risk of action being taken against your account.

Via [www.reddit.com]