New Heroes, Skins, and Mounts Coming Soon

We have some exciting new Heroes, skins, and mounts in development and we’re thrilled to bring you a sneak peek at two powerful characters set to make their debut in the Nexus: Kharazim, the demon-punching monk, and the Champion of the Horde himself, Rexxar!

These skins and mounts are not available in our in-game shop just yet, but you’ll be seeing them soon. Until then, check out the video below to take a closer look:

Master Kharazim
Jade Dragon Kharazim
Master Rexxar
Frostlord Rexxar
Judgement Uther and Themed Abilities
Earthbreaker Thrall and Themed Abilities
Sgt. Doomhammer and Themed Abilities
Prisoner Tychus
Blackheart’s Doubloon Mount
Malthael’s Phantom Steed Mount
Treasure Goblin Mount
Judgement Uther’s Charger Mount