The Warcraft movie is all but done, director discusses possible trilogy

The Warcraft movie is essentially done, according to Duncan Jones, the film’s director.

“The status of the movie is, we have pretty much a finished movie,” Jones told io9 in an interview at San Diego Comic-Con last night. “I have under 10 VFX shots which are being finished off right now, they need to be dropped into the movie, but we’re kinda done.”

Jones went on to say that he’s had a chance to see it and that it’s good and that the people he’s shown it to, who he knows and trusts to be honest with him, tell him it’s a good movie. The movie is due out June 2016.

Jones went on to say that Chris Metzen, Blizzard’s senior vice president of story and franchise development, and he have a very good idea of what story they can tell in three films and that he’d love to make the other two.

Legendary Pictures also released a neat new VR app for their films, including Warcraft. The Android and iOS app will play host to virtual reality explorations of Legendary movies. Right now you can check out Pacific Rim, Crimson Peak and Warcraft. The Skies of Azeroth gives you a bird’s eye view of Stormwind from the back of an in-flight Gryphon. You can tilt and move the smartphone around to change your view of the town as you fly over it. The app can be used with or without Google Cardboard.